Lector Guidelines

Weekend Lector Guidelines

Please arrive 15 minutes before Mass. Each reading relates to the other two. By spending time in prayer with the readings before coming to Mass, you will proclaim them with meaning. The Lector Workbook is a great resource. You can also hear a recording of the readings at http://www.usccb.org/bible/readings-audio.cfm

Talk slowly and clearly into the microphone, keeping it at a suitable distance (3 inches) so that you can speak in a normal fashion into the microphone. Let the amplification system do the work for you. In this way, your voice will project in a consistent fashion throughout the church by means of the speakers. You can easily adjust the position of the microphone – don’t be afraid to do so. Speak slowly so all can clearly understand what you are saying. Strive to enunciate.

There are two racks in the ambo. The one under the book ledge holds the Prayer of the Faithful. The one at the left side of the ambo will hold the lectionary. There is no need to move either book into the sacristy before Mass ends.

Walk in with the liturgical ministers, carrying the Lectionary. (The Book of Gospels will already be on the altar.) If there are two lectors, they should walk in single file with the Lectionary carried by the lector nearest the priest. Place the Lectionary on the ambo. Go up for the first reading at the end of the Collect when all sit. Make sure the microphone is ON and then pause for 15 seconds before beginning the reading so that all are quietly seated and are ready to hear the reading. After introducing the reading (“A reading from …”), pause for 5 seconds before beginning the reading. At the end of the reading, pause for 5 seconds before saying “The Word of the Lord.” Pause another 5 seconds before leaving the ambo to sit down.

After the Responsorial Psalm, pause for 20 seconds before going up for the second reading. During the second reading, pause as indicated above for the first reading. At the end of the second reading, place the lectionary in the book rack on the left side of the ambo so that the book ledge is free to receive the Book of Gospels.

As the Creed is coming to a close (at the words “I believe in one, holy, catholic…,”) step up into the Ambo so that you are in place when Father introduces the Prayer of the Faithful. Do not move the Book of Gospels. Place the Prayer of the Faithful on top of the Book of Gospels. Please observe pauses for private intentions: deceased, sick, special intentions, etc. Remain in the Ambo until Father concludes the prayer. At that time, you can turn off the microphone, step down from the ambo, bow toward the altar, and return to your place in the Assembly by means of the handrail next to the ambo (do not use sacristy).