Eucharistic Ministers Guidelines

Weekend Guidelines for Eucharistic Ministers

Please arrive at the Sacristy at least 15 minutes before Mass begins and sign-in. Please be sure to sign up for the cup positions first. Pick up a medallion to wear and return it at the end of Mass.

As soon as the Sign of Peace begins, please move to your position on either side of the altar. (By refraining from shaking hands, you may not have to sanitize hands.) Please step back from the altar step and form a single line so that the priest can move around the altar.

If you are distributing the cup, please get a purificator from the altar and place it on your arm. Don’t wait for someone to hand it to you.

Ministers of the Hosts: after you have received a ciborium of hosts from the priest, please take your position, allowing the ministers of the cup to go first. The sacristan will attend to those in the front rows with limited mobility and the choir. Remain in place until all have received. When distribution of hosts is complete, the assisting minister can hand their ciborium to the priest and return to the Assembly. (If there are four hosts, then an assisting minister will bring the other two ciborium to the altar and hand them to the priest and return to the Assembly by means of the handrail next to the ambo. If you cross in front of the altar, there is no need to genuflect – a simple bow will do. After Mass, return your medallion to the sacristy.

Ministers of the Cup: when you are handed the cup, please receive and then offer it to those standing by you. Then go to your place by the confessional (those with hosts will then follow) and turn on the light (turning it off at the end).
After each person receives from the cup, please wipe the cup thoroughly (including the inside and outside edge of the rim) using a clean area of the purificator and rotate the cup one-quarter turn. Once you have completed distributing the cup, please return the cup to the sink by the sign in sheets. Please remain for a moment to help consume any remaining Precious Blood. After the Precious Blood has been consumed, please pour a little water in the cup and swirl it around and then consume the water. The cups will be thoroughly cleaned after Mass. There is no need to dry the cups until they have been thoroughly cleaned. Place the purificator next to the cup.
Leave your medallion in the sacristy. Return to the Assembly by the side door (do not walk through the sanctuary). If you cross in front of the altar, there is no need to genuflect – a simple bow will do.