Adult Faith Formation

Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible

An Engaging Journey Through the Bible


Tuesday Nights at 7 pm



This eight-part study provides the easiest way to understand the Bible, making the complex simple! It helps you uncover the story woven throughout Scripture so that you can get the “big picture” of the Bible and understand what it is all about.

By ordering the Resource Kit (see PDF below), you will have online access to the videos in case you miss a session or would like to pursue more in-depth study at home!

 In this series you will:

  • Make sense of the Bible and see how it relates to your everyday life
  • Discover the remarkable connections between the Old and New Testaments
  • See how the sacraments, the Church and our entire Catholic Faith is rooted in Scripture


May 28                               Session 1              INTRODUCTION


June 4                                 Session 2              EARLY WORLD: Genesis 1 -11


June 11 – Break


June 18                              Session 3              PATRIARCHS: Genesis 12-50


June 25                              Session 4              EGYPT AND EXODUS: Exodus

                                                                        DESERT WANDERINGS: Numbers

July 2 – Break


July 9                               Session 5               CONQUEST AND JUDGES: Joshua, Judges

                                                                       ROYAL KINGDOM: 1, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings 1-11


July 16                             Session 6               DIVIDED KINGDOM: 1 Kings 12-22, 2 Kings

                                                                       EXILE: 2 Kings 17, 25

July 23 - Break


July 30                              Session 7              RETURN: Ezra, Nehemiah

                                                                       MACCABEAN REVOLT: 1 Maccabees


August 6                           Session 8              MESSIANIC FULFILLMENT: Luke

                                                                       THE CHURCH: Acts


Student Resource Kit & Access to Online Videos – Order Form - $25

To get the most out of the series, order a Student Resource Kit with (1) online video access, (2) lesson summaries, (3) talk outlines & study questions, (4) Bible Timeline Chart & (5) Bible Timeline Bookmark.


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