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Welcome to Saints Felicitas and Perpetua School Library.

The suggested grade levels for The Accelerated Reader Program are 1st through 8th. Kindergarten will have the opportunity to test if desired and if parent and teacher feel the student can successfully complete a computerized comprehension test.

The AR Concept

The Accelerated Reader (AR) concept is simple: Student reads an AR book from the list of tests available. All AR Books in our Library are clearly marked with a bright neon pink label for easy visibility and selection. During their weekly class Library visit, student may take an AR test.

AR Test Taking

Student takes a computerized test created by Renaissance Learning Inc. for the Accelerated Reader Program. The test is automatically corrected by the computer for comprehension.

AR Point System

Points are generated by the computer for total number of correct answers. Points are tabulated throughout the year and at the end of the year, children are recognized for their accomplishments.

AR Recognition Awards

Certificates are awarded to those students who achieve an 85% average for the Trimester and to those who receive 100% on any given test. Special recognition and prizes are awarded at the end of the school year to the students who acquire Top Total AR points for each grade level.

Please click the link below for a complete list of quizzes available. The lists are categorized two ways: Alphabetical by Title or by Book Level (grade level). The Book Level is pre-determined by the Accelerated Reader Program and is based on vocabulary content and level of difficulty of each book.

Our library is filled with many wonderful books however, we may not be able to accommodate all the students who would like to read and take the test on a high point book so I have encouraged the students to read books from home or from the public library as well, as long as the Author is exactly the same and the book is the “Unabridged Version” (unless otherwise noted), the book will qualify for testing. I have also encouraged the students not to take the easy route. Challenge yourselves!

My goal is to give the students of our school a happy and resourceful library environment. To meet the needs of each individual student in order to accomplish personal academic goals that they set for themselves to progress to the next level. To provide support where needed and equip the library with a wealth of information. Lastly, with the help of the Accelerated Reader Program, to get every child in our school to develop stronger reading skills and build their comprehension level for better test scores in all their subjects.

If you have any books, new or slightly used that you would like to donate to our library, please send them in through our school office. Every book that is donated to our school library will have a bookplate placed inside honoring the family that donated it. If you have any questions or comments on The Accelerated Reader Program or our school library, feel free to contact me the library. Thank you for your continued support of our school.