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Service Hours

Each family is required to provide service for the betterment of the school. Depending on their agreed tuition structure, parents are required to provide 40 service hours a year plus an additional two hours of lunch duty to the school. These service hours can also be obtained by donating approved items to the school at a rate of $25 per hour. Each family is provided with a list of Service Hour Opportunities for their reference. Upon completing service hours, parents must submit a coupon to the school office verifying their service hours. To assist the school with its record keeping, your prompt submission of service hour coupons is appreciated. Please use the following guidelines when filling in your Parent Service Hour coupons. The criteria for Service Hour credit is that it must directly benefit the school. Although 40 hours is a minimum requirement, please feel free to give as many hours as you wish over and above this! Of the required 40 hours, no more than 20 of these hours may be earned before
February. The remaining 20 must be earned after February. If a family commits to serving kitchen duty on a given day and does not show up (and does not call in) a $50.00 fine will be due.

Mandatory Service Hours
Each family is required to attend Back-To-School Night and State- of- the -School Night. They will be given one (1) service hour credit for attending. In addition, each family is required to two (2) hours of service working at our Mayfaire Carnival.

Kitchen Duty
The parents are responsible for 2 hours of kitchen duty during the school year. Kitchen Duty hours are separate from the 40 service hours. The sign-in sheet for kitchen duty is in the school office. Adults are required to come to the school office first and sign in to receive a badge. In addition, adults are asked to sign the kitchen duty book in the kitchen. Parents will not receive kitchen duty credit unless they sign the book in the kitchen, the volunteer book in the school office, and submit a family service coupon.