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School-Wide Learning Expectations

At the time of graduation, our students will be:
  •  Morally and Spiritually Responsible: By practicing and applying Catholic values in their daily lives; fully participating in the sacraments, daily prayer and Catholic traditions; upholding human dignity through words and actions; and serving those in need.
  • Intellectually Curious: By having a desire for learning; a thirst for knowledge; an awareness of the skills needed to acquire this knowledge; and the confidence to apply these abilities in all academic areas.
  • An Integrated Learner: By utilizing social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual skills in all aspects of their lives; using a variety of strategies to solve problems within the academic course of study; and by demonstrating competency and integrating self expression through diverse academic offerings and opportunities.
  • An Effective Communicator:  By conveying and communicating one’s thoughts, knowledge, beliefs and faith through a variety of activities, both written and oral, and developing active listening skills.
  • A Cooperative Problem Solver:  By thoughtfully establishing appropriate, independent and collaborative goals in their lives and employing effective strategies to assume individual responsibilities for their own actions within our diverse world.