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At Saints Felicitas and Perpetua School we recognize that parents are the primary educators of their children and we value their participation.   We are committed to a true partnership with parents and the parish community to promote Christ-centered education with the highest moral and academic standards.  


Communication is key to the success of our students, and parents are well-informed through the use of weekly newsletters, the school website, social media and weekly written and verbal communication from the Faculty and Staff.


Please read a sampling of what our community is saying about their experience at Saints Felicitas and Perpetua School.




SSFP is a wonderful, loving and nurturing environment.   The Faculty and Staff strive to ensure our students have what they need to succeed.   We are blessed with the resources we have to provide the engaging and educational activities that our school partakes in. – Mrs. Monique Ceballos


Since the first time I entered SSFP I felt a welcoming and loving presence of Christ.   I love being able to use technology in my classroom.   Students have different learning styles and by incorporating technology in the classroom those students who are visual learners have the opportunity to use IPads to understand a concept.   With our math program, we are fortunate to be able to teach a grade level above so that students are able to have the opportunity to grow in different skills.   I am very thankful that God has placed me here.   I truly feel like SSFP is my second family and home. – Ms. Catherine Flores


SSFP is a Christ centered environment where teachers and parents come together to support students in their academic success.   Every SSFP teacher is an integral member of our professional learning community focused on meeting the needs of every child.   Our teachers are not only knowledgeable professionals, but examples of Christ’s love in their mission to support the whole child. – Mrs. Stella Costello




Although we belong to a different parish and don’t live in the vicinity, God called our family to Saints Felicitas and Perpetua School. The academic preparation for higher education has been rigorous and excellent, enabling our son to thrive in his studies, score well on his tests, and gain admission to the high school of his choice. Both our son and daughter have benefited not only from outstanding teachers, but also from motivated classmates.  Instruction in our Catholic faith, weekly participation at Mass, and an emphasis on mutual respect and service have provided a solid foundation for our children’s future and created a comfortable environment, where they can flourish spiritually, academically, and socially.- Richard Martinez


SSFP is a great school. Its graduates and the path their lives have taken provide testament to the quality of education the school offers. However, excellent education aside, what we LOVE most is the community and family you experience the moment you set foot on campus. Everyone knows your child's name, everyone knows each other. The teachers, administrators, parents, parishioners all form one family. This family becomes a circle of love around the children at SSFP. It truly is the proverbial village often referenced but seldom witnessed. SSFP is our own little village coming together for the good of the children under the guidance and grace of God. We are so proud and blessed to be a part of this family. -Susy Orellana-Curtiss


SSFP Graduates are well prepared for high school and beyond. The teachers and staff all work together to support and encourage our children with all aspects of student academics, faith, community service, sports and leadership. SSFP provides a safe environment that includes parent involvement and a strong sense of community.  -Eric and Nidia Lopez


SSFP was the obvious choice for us since my husband and sister-in-law are both graduates. What we have experienced as parents has been completely different from our expectations, in the best way possible. The students are learning at such an advanced level but in a way that encourages learning instead of forcing it. Our girls are excited to go to school each morning to learn something new. We also love having all the enrichment opportunities outside of regular academics, helping to create more well-rounded students. We are looking forward to more of the programs available as the girls get older and know that all of it will make the transition into high school as seamless as possible. -Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fong




I can honestly say that my time at SSFP was life changing in the best possible way. While I made some amazing friends and had unforgettable memories, I would say that the aspects of SSFP that impacted me the most were the teachers and the unmatched education I received. Moving on to high school and then college afterwards, I truly felt SSFP had prepared me to succeed in the classroom. The relationships I shared with each of my teachers not only taught me what I needed to know in the classroom, but also allowed me to grow as a person. SSFP instilled in me so many qualities important to being successful in life. I will forever be grateful for my time at SSFP, a time when I was able to grow emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. –Ricky Esquivel, SSFP Class of 2011, BS in Human Development and Aging-USC Davis School of Gerontology


SSFP instilled me with the skills to be a leader and become President of my school. It prepared me for high school and beyond with lifelong learning skills that still hold true today. With this I was able to become a part of the National Honors Society, California Scholarship Federation, and Science National Honors Society. It inspired me with a passion for service and to make my mark on the world. And serve over 200 hours to my community. But most importantly it was a caring and committed community that assisted me in becoming the person I am today. Sydnee Sao, SSFP Class of 2015, UC San Diego


One thing I loved about my time at SSFP was that it was the place where I started to grow as a leader. While I was at SSFP I was the Student Council Religious Commissioner my 8th grade year. I was a Family Unit Leader my 7th and 8th grade years, an altar server from 4th grade to 8th grade, and a Track and Field Captain my 8th grade year. These leadership positions taught me to be responsible, hardworking, and confident. These are all skills that I have been able to take with me beyond SSFP and have helped me become the person I am today.- Isabella Virgen, SSFP Class of 2010, Graduate of Saints Mary’s College of California


I can truly say that SSFP has created a strong foundation for my Catholic faith, that only continued to be strengthened at Alverno Heights Academy. Upon returning to my brother's rite of passage Mass, I immediately knew that SSFP provided me an unforgettable experience that I want my future children to have as well. I loved that SSFP introduced me to different extracurricular activities that I would continue to pursue in high school and I loved that SSFP created a home away from home for my younger siblings as well. –Nicole Lianto, SSFP 2013, University of San Francisco


SSFP has given me so many opportunities to not only participate in school related activities, but also to grow as a person. SSFP instilled in me the qualities that I will need in the future as I move on to high school and beyond. I learned how to be a leader, the value of friendship, how to work collaboratively with others, the importance of faith, and so much more. The things I loved the most about my time as SSFP were my friends who supported me and my teachers who always encouraged me to be the best that I could be. I feel that it was a blessing to have been able to attend SSFP, and I will miss it dearly. –Morgan Ogata, SSFP 2019, Gabrielino High School


I received a great education at SSFP, but what impacted me more was the people I met and touched me along the way. There was not one teacher that I didn’t love or cherish the time in class. And to my class, we were special. The bond we had as a class was amazing. They always made every day at school fun, interesting, and exciting.- Marin Telleria, SSFP Class of 2015, Loyola University, Chicago