Guidelines for Flu Season

Archdiocese of Los Angeles Guidelines for distribution and reception of Holy Communion in the Flu season
No ritual changes will be mandated in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. People who are sick are advised to exercise common sense and stay home if their illness might be contagious. Communicants are urged to be thoughtful of others around them during the Mass. At the time of the sign of peace, someone who is sick should voluntarily refrain from shaking hands. During the Our Father, participants are encouraged to assume the orans posture, with hands raised, as encouraged by the pastoral letter, Gather Faithfully Together.
The practice of drinking from the chalice will not be discontinued in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Eucharistic ministers are cautioned to wash hands thoroughly immediately before Mass and to be especially careful when wiping the rim of the chalice after each communicant, both inside and outside. Communicants are asked to be considerate of others and not drink from the chalice when sick, so that others may not be denied the opportunity to share in the Blood of Christ, particularly those who are not able to consume the bread because of allergies. After each Mass, communion vessels should be washed well with soap and hot water.