STEWARDSHIP: e-GIVING through Faith Direct


We invite you to make a financial commitment to our parish through Faith Direct, which enables you contribute to our church by means of direct debit from your checking/savings account or through your credit/debit card. Please join me in enrolling with Faith Direct.

To reach Faith Direct, please use the DONATE button above or follow this link: FAITH DIRECT

To learn more about Faith Direct, please view this video:

Faith Direct

May God bless you for your goodness!

Fr. John

PS - You can also download a  Mobile App through Google Play or the Apple App Store. If you do so, our Church Code is CA776



Gifts from an IRA

See below to download Instructions on MAKING A GIFT FROM YOUR IRA

If you are 70 ½ or older, you can make a tax-free gift directly from your IRA account to SSFP.  This law allows you to transfer any amount up to $100,000 annually directly to a qualified charitable organization without paying income tax on the distribution.  The transfer does not generate taxable income or a tax deduction, so you benefit even if you do not itemized your tax deductions.  Your gift can satisfy all or part of your required minimum distribution.

See below to download Instructions on MAKING A GIFT FROM YOUR IRA. 


To learn more, please visit the Archdiocesan Planned Giving Office at


Gifts of Stock, Bonds and Other Assets

See below to download instructions on MAKING A TRANSFER OF STOCK. 

Gifts of appreciated assets such as stock are an excellent way for you to make a charitable gift.

Stocks may be transferred directly to the Archdiocese for the benefit of SSFP Parish or SSFP School. These gifts will not affect your cash flow, and they provide the following tax benefits:

  • A possible charitable deduction to help you save on taxes
  • Bypass of federal and state capital gains taxes
  • Avoidance of the tax on net investment income

From a tax perspective, a gift of appreciated assets makes good sense. You can make the capital gains taxes optional, achieve significant tax savings and support our programs.

See below to download instructions on MAKING A TRANSFER OF STOCK. 

Your faithful support of our parish is very much appreciated.  Please prayerfully remember our church and help strengthen our presence so that we may faithfully serve our community.

 May God’s blessings be with you!

 Fr. John


To learn more, please visit the Archdiocesan Planned Giving Office at


From the U.S. Bishop's Pastoral Letter on Stewardship

Stewards of God's gifts are not passive beneficiaries. We cooperate with God in our own redemption and in the redemption of others. We are also obliged to be stewards of the Church—collaborators and cooperators in continuing the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, which is the Church's essential mission. This mission—proclaiming and teaching, serving and sanctifying—is our task. It is the personal responsibility of each one of us as stewards of the Church. All members of the Church have their own roles to play in carrying out its mission:
  • Parents, who nurture their children in the light of faith;
  • Parishioners, who work in concrete ways to make their parishes true communities of faith and vibrant sources of service to the larger community;
  • All Catholics, who give generous support—time, money, prayers, and personal service according to their circumstances—to parish and diocesan programs and to the universal Church.