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To address the future of the Church, we have launched the Called to Renew campaign along with every parish in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.  SS. Felicitas & Perpetua's services and ministry programs serve hundreds, if not thousands of people each year, including you.  However, with our ongoing growth comes the need to elevate and maintain our parish.  Our campaign goal is $660,000 of which 50% will go directly to our parish needs, the other 50% will be used to Strengthen our Parishes, Support Priestly Vocations, Serving the Vulnerable, and Investing in the Faith of Future Generations .  Additionally, we will receive 100% of all funds collected over goal.  We will use our share of the funds to support the ever-growing needs of our parish.  Called to Renew will enable SSFP to complete the vision set forth by past generations, while ensuring our Church's presence in the lives of our future generations.  Your prayers, generosity, and sacrifice will ensure our success.

After prayerful consideration and study, we identified the most pressing needs in our parish community:

Faith Formation & Evangelization

We are called to deepen our faith, grow in knowledge, and proclaim the gospel.  This is the shared mission of the baptized; we are to evangelize.  We want to expand faith formation opportunities for families and individuals and meet the needs of all members of this community with special emphasis on the Rite of Christian Initiation.

Media & Technology

The installation of video screens and projectors in our gathering spaces will open us to so many new possibilities for presentations that enrich our ministries.  We will also assess the sound system in the church and the hall to see if any upgrades are necessary to ensure compatibility with our new technology equipment.  We plan to provide new laptops for teachers, add color printers in each classroom, and conduct a full upgrade of our computer lab.

Safety & Security

Safety and security are of the utmost importance at our parish.  We will incorporate video and electronic security enhancements to monitor access to and movement on our campus.
For more information and campaign updates, please visit: SS. Felicitas and Perpetua | Called to Renew

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Called to Renew Campaign Prayer

 God of love and God of life,

We thank You for your blessings.

Especially the gift of life and the gift of faith.

Father, give us wisdom and courage

and guide us as we call Your family

here in Los Angeles to renewal.

Help us to raise up a new generation of missionary disciples to proclaim the good news of Your mercy and to serve our

brothers and sisters in need.

Fill us with Your Spirit,

that we might call Your sons and daughters

to be priests and deacons and consecrated religious to dedicate their lives to You;

that we might call Your Church to bring healing

to the sick and love to the poor and those in prison; that we might call our young people

to seek Your beautiful plan for their lives.

Father, give us all new excitement to follow Jesus

and to serve You with all our hearts and all our strength. Increase our faith and give us confidence to offer You our gifts, our talents and our treasure —

that we might find our true treasure in heaven with You.

Trusting in the tender love of our Blessed Mother,

Queen of the Angels, we ask all this in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ.