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April 27, 2021


To the Saints Felicitas & Perpetua Family,

 While our world is beginning to shed some of the restrictions associated with the pandemic health protocols, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrations will be different again from past years, and this is okay. For many, the pandemic has been an opportunity to refocus their lives and emerge with new goals, priorities, and concerns. If done right, this has helped us to focus more on the essentials which may have been sidelined previously by excessive activity.

 As Catholics, the Eucharist is the “source and summit” of our Christian faith. It is here that we encounter the Risen Lord in Word and Sacrament, and we are united with the heavenly liturgy in giving thanks and praise to our God. It occurs on the first day, the Lord’s Day, because it is of preeminent importance for our life on earth and our eternal salvation.

 I have dated this letter on the anniversary of my baptism. For each of us, baptism is our defining day when we are forever changed by the love of God and our families. Each Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, I remember my parents with a profound sense of gratitude for all their gifts, especially the gift of faith! Faith is the greatest gift, a gift that unites us in a bond that is stronger than death. And there is no better place to honor our parents than at the Eucharist!

 I invite you to remember your parents, grandparents and other significant people in our Novena of Masses beginning on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. You can include their names on the enclosed envelopes which will be placed at the Altar throughout each of the novenas.

 As we remember and pray for our loved ones – those who are with us and those who have gone before us in faith – we, too, are blessed and grow in holiness. I will always remember Saint Monica’s final words to her son Augustine: “Only one thing I ask of you, that you remember me at the Altar of the Lord wherever you may be.”

 May this be a time of renewal and blessing as we express our love and gratitude for those who have helped us on life’s journey, and to God, the source of all life and blessing.

 Sincerely yours in prayer and faith,


Fr. Paul


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