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Catholic weddings are a celebration of love in the context of our worship of God. Therefore, the music chosen for Catholic wedding liturgies must always be sacred music appropriate to Catholic liturgy. All couples have favorite songs that mean very much to them. We would suggest that the appropriate time for these songs to be played would be at the reception. The use of tapes and CD’s is not permitted. 
Our Music Director will assist each couple in planning the music for their wedding. All liturgical music must be approved by the Music Director to facilitate the smooth flow of the ceremony within the time allotted. Each couple must make arrangements to meet with the Music Director at least four to six weeks before the wedding. At the meeting, all music selections will be documented on the WEDDING MUSIC POLICY AND APPROVAL FORM (see PDF attachment below). This form, signed by the Music Director, must be returned to the Parish Secretary no less than four to six weeks before the wedding.  
Our Music Director will  play the organ/keyboard. Our parish musicians and singers will provide all music (per the schedule of stipends). If you want to invite other qualified liturgical musicians to assist under the guidance of our Music Director, they must be approved by the Music Director in consultation with the pastor and/or pastoral associate. Such approval must be documented on the WEDDING MUSIC POLICY AND APPROVAL FORM (see PDF attachment below). 
You can meet with our Music Director, Michael Gabinelli, after any weekend Mass. To schedule an appointment, please send him an email at [email protected].
See PDF attachment below for a list of SUGGESTED WEDDING MUSIC appropriate for wedding liturgies. 

: Can we have a stringed instrument ensemble at our wedding? 

ANSWER: Yes, at the reception, but not in the Church.
Your wedding is part of the public worship of our faith community. It is not a “private” event. Consequently, music must conform to the practices of our faith community. For a variety of reasons, we do not use stringed instrument ensembles at our Sunday Eucharist, which is the model for all liturgy at our parish. Consequently, such ensembles are more appropriately incorporated in the reception portion of your wedding.
Occasionally, we will incorporate a flute, trumpet, violin or other suitable instrumentalist to accompany the organ/keyboard. If you are interested, our Music Director can assist you in making arrangements. Guest soloists or instrumentalists, who are competent and experienced, are welcome. If they should require more than a brief rehearsal prior to the wedding, there is an additional fee for each 30 minute rehearsal. There would also be an additional charge for any unusual requests requiring extra preparation.