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California Junior Scholarship Federation (C.J.S.F.)

CJSF is a scholastic achievement program for the junior high school students. In order to join the federation, students must have a high B average in all academic subjects for the three trimesters in grades 7 and 8. Qualification is determined by awarding points for A’s and B’s in each trimester. Students should refer to the CJSF application form for the criteria. The student must also receive satisfactory grades in Conduct. Students who are members of C.J.S.F. for all six trimesters receive a Gold Honor Seal on their diplomas at graduation. It is the responsibility of the student to apply for C.J.S.F. Qualifying student should pick-up a form in the school office once he/she has received his/her report card. The student must then complete the form and obtain the appropriate signatures. The form must be returned to the school office by the deadline date.