Infant Baptism

"Let the children come to me and do not hinder them. It is to just such as these that the kingdom of God belongs." (Mark 10:14)

Baptism is the beginning of the journey of faith for your child. Through Baptism, your child becomes part of our faith community in the Catholic church. Through your teaching example, your child will grow to become a follower of Christ and an active member of the church. This is why we have a special program to prepare parents and godparents and to help them raise their consciousness about this important responsibility.

Age of Infant Baptism

Parents should see to it that their children  are baptized within a reasonable period after birth. Arrangements for baptism should be made as soon as possible after birth, or even before birth. Once children have reached the age of reason, they would enter the Religious Education program to prepare for the sacraments of initiation, including baptism.

Baptismal Name

In Baptism, the Christian receives his/her name in the Church. This can be the name of a saint (who provides a model of charity and the assurance of his/her prayer) or it can express a Christian mystery or Christian virtue.


Pre-Baptism Instruction Class

Please contact Monica in the Rectory for information: [email protected]   or   626-796-0432.

Requirements for Parents:
  1. At least one parent must be a Catholic—intending that the child become a full member of the Catholic Church (baptism-eucharist-confirmation).
  2. Complete Pre-Baptism Instruction Class and submit all required paperwork to the Rectory Office.
  3. Select a Baptismal Name for your child (which may be the same as the given name if it meets the requirements of a Christian name).  

Requirements for Godparents:

  1. Godparent must be a fully initiated member of the Catholic Church (Baptism-Eucharist-Confirmation), over the age of 16, who practices the faith. If they are married, their marriage must be recognized by the Catholic Church (ordinarily by taking place in the Catholic Church).
  2. A second godparent, of the opposite sex, may also be chosen. If they are baptized in another Christian tradition, they would serve as a “Christian Witness.”
  3. A parent cannot serve as a godparent for their child.
  4. The godparents must also complete the Pre-Baptism Instruction Class (or a baptism class from their own parish).


Summary of Steps for having your child baptized:

  1. Download Baptism Registration Forms (below). After completing the Forms and attaching a copy of your child’s birth certificate, return them to the Rectory Office or email them to [email protected].
  2. Take time to prayerfully consider the selection of Godparents, knowing that their role is sacred. In addition to meeting the basic requirements, godparents are called to set an example for your child, help hand on the faith, and have a lifelong relationship of prayer, faith sharing and love.
  3. Complete Pre-Baptism Instruction (contact Rectory for information).
  4. Once you have completed the Pre-Baptism Instruction and submitted all the necessary paperwork, you may schedule your child’s Baptism by calling Monica 626-796-0432 during office hours.