Extra Help Sessions

Extra Help Sessions


Our Faculty provides students with a consistent time and place for extra help each week.   During this time, teachers will be on hand to review concepts and answer questions.   The sessions are held once a week. Parents need to make pre-arrangements with the teacher or the teacher will contact the parents when they see a student needs extra help.


The Schedule of the Sessions is as follows:       

1st    Mrs. Ceballos

Monday- 3:15-4:00

2nd   Mrs. Perez

Monday-  3:15-4:00

3rd   Ms. MacLellan

Monday-  3:15 - 4:00

4th   Mr. Iniguez

Tuesday- 3:15-4:00

5th   Ms. Flores

Wednesday-  3:15– 4:00

Mrs. Kondrath (Math 6, Religion 6-8, Science 6-8)

Tuesday- 3:15-4:00

Dr. Knudsen (Social Studies 6-8, Math 7-8 )

Monday-  3:15 - 4:00

Mrs. Aceves (6-8 ELA)

Wednesday- 3:15-4:00

Ms. Machón Spanish 5-8

Please schedule with Ms. Machon

Mrs. Chammas Math Lab

Grades 6-7-8 only

7:30—8:00 am Monday thru Friday