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Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement
Saints Felicitas and Perpetua Catholic School, an educational ministry of Saints Felicitas and Perpetua Parish, serves students Transitional Kindergarten through Grade 8 from the Parish and surrounding area. By promoting academic excellence and fostering the holistic development of each child, the School strives to instill a love of learning, the value of service, and respect for all people.
Saints Felicitas and Perpetua School (SSFP) promotes the education of our students in a nurturing Catholic environment that fosters the growth of the whole child – intellectually, spiritually, psychologically, socially and physically. The School is committed to providing a quality education that challenges students to develop and share their gifts in a supportive and stimulating environment.
SSFP promotes the teachings of the Catholic Church, inclusive of diverse cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds. We guide the children toward living these teachings in the family, peer relationships, school community, and in the wider environment of parish, neighborhood, and the world. We help children acquire an understanding of God’s love for them, a true spirit of prayer, and the foundation for lifelong religious practices including roles of leadership in the Church.
We recognize that parents are the primary educators of their children and we value and encourage their participation. We are committed to a true partnership with parents and the parish community to promote Christ-centered education with the highest moral and academic standards.

SSFP Mission Prayer


Dear Lord,


Open my mind to

a love of learning,


Open my hands to

the value of service,


And open my heart to

respect for all people.

Grad at Grad
Upon graduation, the following SCHOOL-WIDE LEARNING EXPECTATIONS are the qualities that we encourage our students to develop during their years at Saints Felicitas and Perpetua School:
  • Morally and Spiritually Responsible: by practicing and applying Catholic values in their daily lives; by fully participating in the sacraments, daily prayer and Catholic traditions; by upholding human dignity through words and actions, and by serving those in need.
  • Intellectually Curious: by having a desire for learning; a thirst for knowledge; an awareness of the skills needed to acquire this knowledge; and the confidence to apply these abilities in all academic areas.
  • An Integrated Learner: by utilizing social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual skills in all aspects of their lives; by using a variety of strategies to solve problems within the academic course of study, and by demonstrating competency and integrating self expression through diverse academic offerings and opportunities.
  • An Effective Communicator: by conveying and communicating one’s thoughts, knowledge, beliefs and faith through a variety of activities, both written and oral, and developing active listening skills.
  • Cooperative Problem Solver: by thoughtfully establishing appropriate, independent and collaborative goals in their lives, and by employing effective strategies to assume individual responsibilities for their own actions within our diverse world.
Revised December 28, 2009