Computer Lab » 5th Grade

5th Grade

Saints Felicitas & Perpetua Catholic School
Computer Lab / Technical Curriculum
Grade 5
            Welcome students!  My name is Kevin Yamamoto and I will be your computer lab teacher here at Sts. Felicitas & Perpetua Catholic School. 
            First and foremost, I am excited to be teaching here at Sts. Felicitas & Perpetua Catholic School.  Our principal, staff members, supportive teachers, and all the great students have made me feel quite at home.  I am looking forward to another rewarding and fantastic year in not only getting to know the students but also being able to teach them what I know. 
Curriculum Goals:   The goals for the 5th graders are for a continuation and extension of goals established in the 4th grade.  The Mavis Beacon Typing Program will be continued to improve and maintain typing skills.  The students will also be given supplementary assignments and projects regarding MS Word and Internet Explorer.  Internet filters, blocking programs, and firewalls are already installed to protect students against unauthorized websites.  During the last few months of the year, the students will be introduced to two very important MS programs:  MS Excel and MS PowerPoint.  These programs will be crucial in their development of the students in preparation for high school, college and beyond. 
Computer Programs:            The Learning Network – Mavis Beacon Typing
                                                Microsoft Office – MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and
                                                MS Excel 
If you have any questions concerning these curriculum goals, please feel free to email me at